frequently different.

Hello, I'm Chris.

I'm a radio programmer, producer, and presenter.

For over ten years, I've been creating authentic and engaging audio content for international, national, and regional radio stations that deliver record audience figures. ​As a programmer, producer and consultant, I've successfully relaunched stations and shows, creating environments that let journalists, presenters and producers do their best work.


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Weekend Worship!

Two hours of the world's 

greatest worship music.

Sundays 20:00 - 22:00


Great people manager

Chris is a great people manager and really helps to develop his employees as individuals so that they can work towards achieving their own personal goals. 

Talia French

Editor & Broadcaster

Talented and creative

He is the most talented, creative, young programmer I've ever worked with. He has given me more self-belief in just 18 months than anyone else I've worked for, combined.

Nick Osborne

Broadcaster & Producer

Determination and skill

Chris has the determination and skill to go places. He listens, takes things on board and does things differently as a result of feedback and coaching. He's a good guy.

Dick Stone

Group Programme Director


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